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Pre and Post Show Lesson Plans

Click on the images or underlined links to download each lesson plan.

Image by Hello I'm Nik

In this lesson, students will make connections to their own emotions in order to learn about and empathize with the main character, Jin, from the POP TOUR. Includes lesson handout.

Cleaning the Beach

Through a scaffolded reading activity, students will gain understanding of the importance of environmental stewardship through beach clean ups. 

Image by Kelli McClintock

Students will use recycled and found objects to become sustainable costume designers and create their own block monster masks.


4. Post Show JIN VS THE BEACH Lesson Plan 2: Watershed Lesson Plan

Download Lesson Plan | Download Visual Aids

La Jolla Playhouse is proud to be in partnership with the Ocean Discovery Institute on our 2023 POP TOUR.  The Ocean Discovery Institute creates learning experiences for young people traditionally excluded from science due to race, income status, and educational opportunity. Their students will join high-paying fields, break generational poverty, and change the future of science.  In this lesson plan, created by the Ocean Discovery Institute, students will be able to identify that their neighborhood is connected to the ocean through the watershed and storm drains.

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