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COVID Safety

Rehearsing and filming a show during a pandemic is no easy feat! Below are some of the many procedures the Playhouse put in place to observe the state and county COVID-19 protocols, in order to keep the Pick Me Last team safe and healthy.

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Participants in the production were trained in COVID safety and onsite procedures before arriving on site.

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All standard COVID-19 safety protocols were followed, such as wearing masks, maintaining required social distances, washing hands, and staying home if sick.  

Everyone was tested before arriving on site and then tested weekly with the PCR COVID Test.

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Every morning, participants filled out a health screening form and checked in with the onsite COVID Compliance Officer before starting work.

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When eligible for the vaccine, employees were offered flexible work hours.

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During filming, the on-site COVID Compliance Officer ensured everyone has their protective equipment on, sanitized between scenes, and maintained the proper occupancy for the square footage of the room.

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